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It’s a word that does not exactly roll off the tongue, and the public’s lack of familiarity with it might have something to do with movie franchises having had a bad habit of falling apart at the fourth film.

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You may not remember Superman facing off with Nuclear Man in “Superman IV”, and you probably tried to forget a pre-Oscar-winning Hilary Swank replacing Ralph Macchio as Mr. Miyagi’s protégé in “The Next Karate Kid,” but those fourth installments of their epic series existed nonetheless.

Relating the N.B.A. finals to popular movie series might seem like a stretch, but there is no precedent for a major American sports league having the same championship matchup for four consecutive years, so we have to start somewhere

As the sporting world begins the fourth chapter of its first tetralogy, the teams have held onto their core casts. LeBron James will lead his underdog Cavaliers against a vaunted Warriors lineup that still includes Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. There are elements of a reboot, with only nine players — combined — having been on the rosters of the teams for all four finals.

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